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1. 11” Incense Sticks---Light end of stick. Wait a few moments…when end is red blow out flame. Sticks will burn generally from 1 to 1 ½ hours.

2. Body Oils (Roll-on bottle)---Worn on the body, as you would perfume or cologne. Keep in mind; our oils contain NO alcohol, so the scent will generally last longer than those containing alcohol.

3. Fragrance Oils---May be used in a variety of ways to scent your home, office or automobile. Home or office---When using a light ring, simply place ring on top of light bulb (indented side up). Add 4 –5 drops of oil in ring and the aroma will leave a wonderful scent. Remember, NOT to fill the ring, as you want the oil to burn---not cook!

Other ways to use Fragrance Oils:

a) Place some oil on a cotton ball and simply rub on the underside of wooden tables.

b) To scent pine cones---Place pinecones in plastic bag. Using dropper, dot oil on pinecones, twist-tie bag, shake slightly and let sit for 24 hours. Remove from bag and place in a basket. Looks and smells beautiful.

c) An uplift to old potpourri—Simply add some drops of your favorite oil to the potpourri, and it’ll smell even better than before.

d) If you have baseboard heat, try placing a drop or two in it around your home (in winter months, of course, when heat is on), and you’ll see how fresh everything smells.

e) Wood Stove---Place a pot of water on top of stove—add several drops of oil.

f) Auto Oil Diffusers---Fill diffuser approximately ½ to ¾ full. Place in

auto. The more the sun hits it, the better it will smell.

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